Review: Snakewood

Book Review: Snakewood by Adrian Selby The Good: A masterclass in character/narrative voice(s), kickass murderous mercenaries, a unique magic-system based on what is essentially magic-mushrooms and their effects, and a genre-bending/blending/breaking triumph of style. The Bad: Now, whilst this wasn’t a ‘bad read’ for me, the style and voice will be polarising. As a reader … Continue reading Review: Snakewood

Edge-Lit & the David Gemmell Awards 2017

What does bang-average shampoo, a ‘babby’, and a Swedish horse have in common? Derby, apparently. (Or, if you’re Sadir, ‘Daaaaar-by’.) This weekend I’ve been lucky enough to attend Edge-Lit, an annual science-fiction, fantasy and horror event, held in Derby. It was my first ‘convention’, having previously attended smaller get-togethers for author panels/book signings in bookshops. … Continue reading Edge-Lit & the David Gemmell Awards 2017

David Gemmell Awards for Fantasy: Morningstar Award

There’s a certain something about watching a debut fighter take to the ring. It could be that there’s an element of the unknown. The chance of something new and different. Maybe, because the fighters are out to prove themselves, they’ll go all in, give it their everything – blood, sweat, tears and then some. Or maybe … Continue reading David Gemmell Awards for Fantasy: Morningstar Award