Book Review: Never Die by Rob J Hayes

The Good: Awesome Asian-inspired anti-heroic fantasy (say that five times fast) with a cast of unusual suspects thrown together in the spirit of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and the Dynasty Warriors franchise. The Bad: During the first and second parts of the book I struggled to feel an emotional connection to the larger-than-life characters, … Continue reading Book Review: Never Die by Rob J Hayes

Review: Snakewood

Book Review: Snakewood by Adrian Selby The Good: A masterclass in character/narrative voice(s), kickass murderous mercenaries, a unique magic-system based on what is essentially magic-mushrooms and their effects, and a genre-bending/blending/breaking triumph of style. The Bad: Now, whilst this wasn’t a ‘bad read’ for me, the style and voice will be polarising. As a reader … Continue reading Review: Snakewood

Guess Who’s ONE?

Nicholas Eames celebrates the 1st birthday of his book-baby Kings of the Wyld!

The Heartwyld


That’s right! KINGS OF THE WYLD is officially one year old today, and boy, what a year it’s been.

Some book-related highlights include the following…

I met the unbelievably gracious and extremely talented Christian Cameron at Ad Astra in June, and earlier this month had dinner with he and Sebastien de Castell, with whom I share an agent. So that was awesome.

Also at Ad Astra, my second ever public reading was attended by Guy Gavriel Kay, who is BY FAR my favourite author of all time and ABSOLUTELY the reason I decided to take writing seriously. Needless to say, that half-hour was not only a highlight of my year, but of my whole entire life.  Again, very awesome.

I was invited to Comicon in London, England, where I met and made some truly incredible authors I’m now fortunate enough to call my friends (and in one case, my brother)…

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