2017 David Gemmell Awards Longlist now open for voting!

Gladiators from across the globe are gathering. The roster has been written-up, the circle in the sand drawn out. Fifty-nine Legends, seven Debut fighters, and fifty-eight of the greatest showmen and women, will battle it out amongst their categories…and only three will emerge victorious!

The longlists for the 2017 David Gemmell Awards for Fantasy have been announced. The David Gemmell Awards celebrate the finest fantasy that traditional publishing has to offer. Established in memory of the late, great, big-daddy of heroic fantasy, David Gemmell, the awards showcase authors and their works from all across the globe, and across the sub genres of heroic fantasy, traditional, sword & sorcery, high and low – and most importantly, those in the spirit of Gemmell’s work.

The awards are broken down into the following categories, each named after one of Gemmell’s books:
• The Legend Award – Best Fantasy Novel.
• Morningstar Award – Best Debut.
• Ravenheart Award – Best Fantasy Cover Art.

Voting on the longlists closes on the 31st March. Cast your votes on the David Gemmell Awards official website here.

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