2017 David Gemmell Legend Awards – Public nominations open!


The David Gemmell Legend Awards celebrate the finest fantasy that traditional publishing has to offer. Established in memory of the late, great, big-daddy of heroic fantasy, David Gemmell, the awards showcase authors and their works from all across the globe, and across the sub genres of heroic fantasy, traditional, sword & sorcery, high and low – and most importantly, those in the spirit of Gemmell’s work.

The DGLA’s are broken down into the following categories, each named after one of Gemmell’s books:
• The Legend Award – Best Fantasy Novel.
• Morningstar Award – Best Debut.
• Ravenheart Award – Best Fantasy Cover Art.

Starting today, 13th January, and closing on the 31st January, any and all readers are welcome to nominate their fantasy book(s) of choice for an award. These nominations will be included with those put forward by the publishers themselves. The titles must be traditionally published by a mainstream or independent press, and have been first published in English in 2016.

Now, as we all know, an author isn’t just for Christmas – they need to be fed and watered on a steady diet of sales, rewarded with treats in the form of good reviews (unless you’re Mark Lawrence who does seem to love a good 1* rating! – I kid, we love you Mark), and of course awarded with…well, awards! So, think back on what book(s) you’ve recently read, and if any fit the bill in terms of qualifying for an award, nominate them!

If you would like to nominate an author and their work, please email Alex Davis, the Awards Administrator, at bfsalex@hotmail.co.uk with the subject header GEMMELL AWARDS NOMINATIONS. Tell him I sent you. Genuinely, please tell him – he doesn’t know me at all, but I think it would be funny for him to receive a bunch of emails saying I sent you his way. I can imagine it now – ‘Who the f### is this Mike Everest bloke? I haven’t bought any double glazing recently!’

The awards will be presented on the 15th July 2017, at the Edge-Lit 6 event in Derby. I for one hope to attend this year, having last made an appearance in 2013.

Previous winners across all three awards include John Gwynne, Mark Lawrence, Helen Lowe, Brandon Sanderson, Joe Abercrombie and Peter Newman.

For me, the Morningstar is where it’s at. Sure, the Legend award celebrates the big daddy (or mummy) of the year, but voting on the best debut, which in turn could one day be in the running for a Legend award for the second, third, fourth book in the same series…now that’s power to the people! Because don’t forget, the winners are chosen by me, and you! Readers! Members of the Public! Mere mortals amongst these fantasy deities.

Also, did I mention there’s an axe up for grabs…?

Image result for snaga
Snags the Sender – The Blades of No Return. The axe carried by Druss the Legend, and winner’s prize in the Legend category.

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