Everyone has to start somewhere… so I killed the last guy.

Where to begin?

It’s always thrown around that everyone has to start somewhere. Start with the small work up to the big. One step at a time. Do not pass go, do not collect $200…

You get the idea.

This is my start. Let me introduce myself to you.  I’m Mike, recognisable under my pen name ‘Michael Everest’ or ‘ME’ for short. Yes ME, not you, ME.  I’m an avid reader, an amateur reviewer, and an aspiring author, dabbling in heroic-fantasy, and ‘grimdark’.  I’m inspired by such greats as Steven Erikson, James Barclay, Brent Weeks, Mark Lawrence, John Gwynne, Gail Z. Martin, Peter V Brett, Myke Cole, Kate Elliot, and the fireside mythmonger of legend David Gemmell.

Via this blog I will deliver reader reviews, my take on writing stories (the do’s don’t’s etc.), and news on my own work as it develops.

 Wait, what’s that? You want to know what I mean by ‘I killed the last guy’?

Previously, I wrote another blog under another pen name. I know, it sounds like I really do like pen names, huh? But when you have a second name as common as mine, a pen name helps differentiate from the start.

But that blog is no more, as is the name. Hence the ‘I killed the last guy’. Why? Because I am ME (the initials remain the same as my actual name), and the previous pen name was designed to be distant from who I was during my military service. I have no appetite to revive either the previous blog or pen name, purely because as I said I want to be me, and ME, but you might see old reviews/posts from there pop up here.

Thanks for stopping by, you’ll be hearing from me soon!


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